Your Chance To own A Very Rare vehicle At A Very Fair price

This 1935 Ford Roadster Utility “UTE” is one of only 6 manufactured that year. From a contact in Australia we found out that approximately 385 “UTEs” were manufactured by Ford Australia in 1935. Of that number , only 7 were Roadster Utility. One was the #304 Well Side and Six were the #302 Straight Side .

The history of the Ford Utes came about as a result of a 1932 letter from the wife of a farmer in Victoria, Australia to Ford Australia asking for a vehicle to go to church on a Sunday and which can carry our pigs to market on Mondays. In response, Ford designer Lew Bandt developed a vehicle based on the client’s request and the model (called a “coupe utility” at the time) was released in 1934. A convertible version, known as the roadster utility was produced in limited numbers by Ford in the 1930s. Production ceased in 1938.

This car has been restored to exacting standards and can be the pride of any collection. Save Auction Fees and buy this beauty for $62,500 All In!

Price: $62,500

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